Coming Soon: Unity3d basics video

If you want to get to know Unity3d, this might be your chance.

My buddy Anjin Anhut (who made the Touch of Death graphics) and I have been wanting to do a little skill share. I will give Anjin an introduction to Unity3d while he will share his knowledge on Art Direction with me.

Now we’ve finally found time to get started with this. And since both of us are very open people we decided to go public with this. Our sessions will be streamed and recorded, for your convenience.


Introduction to Unity

We’ll be starting with my part first: An introduction to Unity3d. We’ll be on Google Hangouts on Air on February 1st 2014, at 2:00 PM, German time. We’re planning to run for about 4 hours, probably with some short breaks in between. Follow us on twitter (@mnerurkar or @anjinanhut) or check out the Sharkbomb Studios Google+ or YouTube page to join.

The whole session will be mostly covering the basics. I’ll try to help you get familiar with the engine. Anything from the interface to library management and export processes. We will probably also talk about some basic gameplay functionality like collisions, movement, which will provide an inroad into scripting. Since the session will be unscripted I can’t really give you a specific rundown yet. I still hope to see you there!

– Martin

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  • Johnny Black

    Do I actually need a Google+ account or will I be able to simply watch it on YouTube?


    • Martin Nerurkar

      I’m pretty sure that a hangout stream will also be broadcast via YouTube. I’m not entirely sure how that works. We’ll find out on Saturday :)

      • Johnny Black

        Okay, cool. Thank you :)