Art Direction for Video Games

Art Direction Crash Course!

Art Direction Crash Course!

This Saturday, September 27th the stupendous Anjin Anhut and I will stream another crash course. This time it’s three hours of art direction for video games. You will be able to watch it live on the Sharkbombs Google+ Page.

Target Audience:

This course is intended for small developers, indie developers, students, freelancers and hobbyists who would like to learn more about how to create cohesive and appealing visuals and how to make them work within production requirements and technical limitations. This course provides methods and practices to find and define your artistic vision and to execute that vision alone or in teams.


We will cover research, working with references, establishing of visual language and style, style guide creation and art review.

All tipps and tricks work for a wide range of styles and many practices apply not only to video games but to comics and animation as well.

When you are joining live, you can ask questions or comment on what you see via the chat. The stream will be in an interview/lecture format in which I will hold the lecture and provide the content, while Martin will be in the role of student. We hope this conversation style format will create a helpful pacing and allow for a fun but also comprehensive course.


2pm German time. Here’s a handy widget to help you figure out your local time:

Time converter at


You can watch the video live on the Sharkbombs Google+ Page.
If you miss it you will be able to catch a recording on the Sharkbomb YouTube Channel.

We hope to see you there.

– Martin and Anjin

P.S.: While you wait you can take a look at our first Crash Course: Unity Basics.

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