Sharkbomb Studios
Based in Karlsruhe, Germany

Release date:
15 March, 2013

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Hipster Zombies is a light-hearted arcade action game released as free-to-play for smartphones and tablets. In Hipster Zombies the player takes on the persona of an unnamed protagonist trying to defend his neighborhood. He has to fight back the hordes of zombified hipsters with the power of irony. Resorting to various trash-items he dispatches the Hipsters with what they like most: old, useless junk.


Hipster Zombies is the debut project for Sharkbomb Studios. It's a purposely small project to allow us to get to market quickly and to get into the groove as a company.


  • Simple and easy-to-use-controls.
  • Multiple types of hipsters with special behaviors.
  • Unlockable and upgradable weapons.
  • Different locations and backgrounds.
  • Free-to-Play monetization that lets players save time.


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      About Sharkbomb Studios

      Sharkbomb Studios is a German independent game studio formed by Joachim Eckert and Martin Nerurkar. With passion and other magic ingredients, we craft small games for smartphones and other platforms.

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      Hipster Zombies Credits

      Joachim Eckert
      Progamming, Sharkbomb Studios

      Martin Nerurkar
      Art and Game Design, Sharkbomb Studios

      Lawrence Steele
      Sound Effects, Freelancer

      Sebastian PatiƱo-Lang
      Music, Freelancer

      Italian translation, Freelancer

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks