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Based in Karlsruhe, Germany

Release date:
July, 2013

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Touch of Death is a frantic rhythm action game released for phones and tablets. Spurred into action by the death of a friend and mentor, the player takes on the mantle of the unnamed protagonist on a bloody quest for honor and vengeance. Using the secret and deadly Touch of Death, the players can make their enemies' hearts burst in their chests. The game sits somewhere between Fruit Ninja, Guitar Hero and Temple Run. Hounded by a constantly escalating timer, the player has to quickly and correctly perform the shown gestures to claim the lives of his foes before they claim his.


Touch of Death is the second project for Sharkbomb Studios. It started life as HeartAttack during the Global Game Jame 2013. It was then refined and improved and finally released for tablets in July 2013. After a complete overhaul and new graphics version 2.0 was released for all mobile devices in December 2013.


  • Simple and precision and rhythm-based controls
  • Earn points and combo-multipliers
  • Rank in the leaderboard and unlock achievements
  • Over 200 combinations of enemies
  • Six different environments
  • Stay alive to see rare enemy faces


Touch of Death v2.0 Trailer YouTube

Touch of Death v2.0 Gameplay (Camera) YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    Touch of Death has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "Touching your device has never been quite this violent"
        - Chris Priestman, Pocketgamer
      • "Crummy but great."
        - Dennis Kogel, Superlevel

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      About Sharkbomb Studios

      Sharkbomb Studios is a German independent game studio formed by Joachim Eckert and Martin Nerurkar. With passion and other magic ingredients, we craft small games for smartphones and other platforms.

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      Touch of Death Credits

      Joachim Eckert
      Progamming, Sharkbomb Studios

      Martin Nerurkar
      Art and Game Design, Sharkbomb Studios

      Anjin Anhut
      Art, Freelancer

      Sebastian Patiño-Lang
      Music and Sound Effects, Freelancer

      Wendy Fox
      Art, Freelancer

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