This is who we are

and why we make video games…

We are Sharkbomb Studios and we love games. We are joined by our passion for creative games and engaging worlds. We believe that video games can enrich the lives of players and expand their inner world. Because of this we strive to craft gameplay experiences that incite curiosity and inspire deeper thought.

At the heart of each of our games lies a strong, central theme: the magic ingredient. This concept informs all design decisions and can be felt throughout the game. We believe that a strong vision executed by a flexible team is the best recipe for engaging and strong game experiences.

Sharkbomb Studios is an independent game development studio. We are based in Karlruhe, Germany. We publish our own games but are also available for contract work. We released our first game in early 2013. We have been busy ever since.

Joachim Eckert

Technical Director, Business

Martin Nerurkar

Creative Director, Public Relations