Sharkbomb /// Digital Interaction Architect

I am an interaction designer and developer based in Germany with a passion for video games. I deeply believe that video games can enrich the lives of players, connect them to others and expand their inner world. This is why I strive to create games that make an impact and leave a mark.
I am confident that the magic ingredient to engaging games is a consistent, central theme. This vital concept informs all design decisions and can be felt throughout the game. A strong vision executed well is the best recipe for strong and enduring experiences.

What I built

Some of the latest and most interesting things I had a hand in

Nowhere Prophet

A digital card game set in a colorful post-apocalyptic world. Designed and developed in-house.

Cultist Simulator

An award winning exploratory narrative game. I created the concept for the card-based UI and implemented it.

Ex Novo

A physical map-making game that has you draw the map of a fictional city with your friends. Designed and developed in-house.

What I do

I am busy with a lot of different things. They roughly fit into these groups.


Interactive experiences designed and developed in-house. 100% artisanal and free-range.


I'm excited about interactive experiences so I built tools that can help others realize their vision.


Need help? I can offer a wide array of design and development services to my clients.

My Friends and Partners

A few fellow artists, studios and developers that I trust and love.