Navy Seals: Covert Operations - Gold

A free military multiplayer FPS built on the quake3 engine

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Realistic Warfare

A free multiplayer FPS based on the Quake 3 engine

You can fight on the side of the Navy SEALs or you can join forces with the tangos: terrorists, foreign forces or guerillas.

  • Heaps of real-life weapons with customizable accessories and fire modes
  • Customizable faces with skins and headgear
  • The TASS skill system to allow you to adapt to your style of play
  • A custom radio-command system for quick communication

NS:CO was originally developed by Team Mirage in the early 2000s as a total conversion for Quake 3: Arena. The mod is now available in its Gold edition as a free, standalone download with its assets and source code released under the GPL license.



Everything you need to play in one handy package.

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Source code

The code and assets as licensed under GPL license.

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The original credits of the game's development through Team Mirage.

Project Leads


Benjamin BenB Bauer

Project Lead, Level Design and Game Design

Manfred Defcon-X Nerurkar

Project Lead and Code

Martin Democritus Nerurkar

Project Lead, Game Design and Art

Level Design

  • Benjamin BenB Bauer
  • Andreas Schakal Schult
  • Marcus ogun Johnsson


  • Manfred Defcon-X Nerurkar
  • Michael Blutengel Sauer
  • Richard Gate Hostens

Game Design

  • Benjamin BenB Bauer
  • Ken N'kEnNy Mikkelsen
  • Martin Democritus Nerurkar


  • Chris PrED Rhodes
  • Chris Rattler Tkach
  • David Helldogg Lam
  • Dean TriDane Blackborough
  • Gregor Scrutch Kopka
  • Ian VorpalDoom Richards
  • Kravit
  • LopLy
  • Martin Democritus Nerurkar
  • Phillipp Cyte von Preuschen
  • real_man

Additional Support

  • Beren Baumgartner - Trailer
  • gtk - NSVE/stat development
  • jhwh - server administration
  • Konrad - server administration
  • Prof. Dr. YoMan - Tester management
  • talonlzr - server administration


  • Christian Xian Ankow
  • Zachary Quarles
  • hoak
  • MattMre
  • Zingerman

Special Thanks

  • Graphtallica - Textures
  • Golgotha - Textures
  • TheMonk - Textures
  • Badmeat - Textures
  • Ydnar - Textures
  • PeaceMaker - Support
  • Razor - Support
  • [AD]Krazy - Support
  • [SsS]Midway - Support
  • Q3F crew - atmospheric base code
  • id software - Q3: Arena
  • Indigo Rose Corp - Setup Factory 6.0


  • b(.)(.)b
  • Cheech
  • Dan
  • DSC
  • EternalDamned
  • Gate
  • gizzlon
  • GLOD!
  • gtk
  • hagenisse
  • killinginthename
  • Madmic
  • Mister Oizo
  • StrAgZ
  • Tha_slughy
  • Trasher
  • Thrymm
  • Viru5
  • Wetatron
  • wuh


Here you can find a brief summary and overview over the development history of NS:CO. From the ideas that led to its inception, through its development and release as a total conversion all the way to the current standalone release.

Navy Fortress

1998 - 1999

The predecessor project to NS:CO built on the Quake 2 negine. Here the core of Team Mirage was founded with BenB joining the two Nerurkar brothers. The game was inspired by the the Navy Seals mod for Q2 and other semi-realistic games like Action Quake.

Quake 3 Mod Development

2000 - 2002

With Quake 3 released the team wanted to work on something bigger, and so Navy Seals: Covert Operations was born. A concerted development effort began with many other hobbyist joining Team Mirage. Alongside school development took much longer than expected.

Mod Release

March 9th 2002

The total conversion was highly anticipated. Even though the initial release was a little rocky, lots of players joined in and a stable and active community quickly formed.

Continued Development

2002 - 2005

Many more updates followed and the game was consistently improved and expanded. Since everyone involved was a hobbyist development was still slow until in 2005 the project was ended. The core team was planning to move to a different mod based on a more up to date engine.

Standalone Gold Effort


After the Quake 3 engine source code was released in 2005 under the GPL license, a standalone release of NS:CO was possible. In 2007 Democritus started an attempt to release a definitive "gold" edition with an overhauled UI. Unfortunately this effort never reached its goals.

Gold Revival


In a surge of nostalgia, Democritus put together another effort to release NS:CO gold. The progress in the other open source Quake 3 engine based projects since 2007 was helpful here and after a lot of cleanup a definitive version was made available.

Standalone Gold Release

October 25th 2022