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Single-player roguelike card tactics

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Sharkbomb Studios

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Insatiable, hyper-charged capitalism has the magical city in a chokehold. Crash into the tyrants' districts and build your deck as you push forward. Use your heroes and your cards to fight back against criminal syndicates and demonic billionaires in this turn-based card-game brawler.


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Full Description

Crownbreakers is a fast-paced card game that combines turn-based tactics with deck-building mechanics in one snappy package.

Step into a world of magic and office jobs. Here modern technology and magic coexist: People commute to work and buy their drinks at the franchise coffee shop on the corner while spirits bring technology alive and floating islands drift on invisible currents across the sky.

The truly dedicated can learn ways of using this natural magic to master mighty supernatural abilities. Unfortunately the rich and powerful know how to buy, steal or crush anyone. With this bought and stolen magic they can hyper-charge their stranglehold on the city.

But you can't be bought. You're not playing their game. You will fight against their oppression. You will break their crowns.

Key Features

  • Single-player card game
  • A stunning world of modern fantasy
  • More to be announced...



Development Info

The Team

Crownbreakers is designed & developed by Martin Nerurkar under the label Sharkbomb Studios. Development is only possible with the help of many talented people. The current and past team is:

  • Martin Nerurkar
    Design and Development
  • Thai Ha
    Design, Intern
  • Jack Allen
    Concept Art, Freelancer
  • Casey Parkhurst
    Concept Art, Freelancer
  • Zenden Ong
    Concept Art, Freelancer
  • Bailey Hughes
    Concept Art, Freelancer

Development History

Martin started the initial work on the project in late 2022 after clawing his way out of his burnout. Combining an early promising core gameplay with a setting he's been working on created the spark that would become Crownbreakers. The game is inspired by his cultural heritage and the enthusiasm his own brain has for the crunchy puzzles of card games and turn-based tactics. With the help of some public funding from the MFG Baden-Württemberg and the European Union work begun in earnest in the middle of 2023.

Since then development is in full swing and we're currently in the middle of the prototype phase aiming for a first feature-complete build at the end of 2024. A final release date is not known at this time.


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