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Single-player roguelike card tactics

Win, OSX, Linux, XB1, Switch, PS4

Release Date
19.07.2019 (PC), 31.07.2020 (Consoles)

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Sharkbomb Studios

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Short Description

Nowhere Prophet is a roguelike deck-building game. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world inspired by indian culture and sci-fi literature. In this broken world you lead a desperate band of outcasts in their search for a safe, new home.


There's so much flavour it could be your new favourite cuisine.

Adam Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun

Nowhere Prophet is an addictive, striking card game with an impressive world to explore and tale to tell.

Rob Gordon, Screen Rant

A sublime blend of deck building and post-apocalyptic survival, Nowhere Prophet is tense, thoughtful, and incredibly satisfying.

Lyle Carr, God is a Geek

Full Description

Nowhere Prophet is a tactical roguelike card game. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world inspired by indian culture and sci-fi literature. In this broken world you lead a desperate band of outcasts in their search for a safe, new home.

The characters you meet and items you find can be added as "cards" to your caravan -- a deck that represents the convoy you lead across the wastes. When you inevitably face difficult situations and dangerous battles, they are resolved with a tactical turn-based card game with an important twist: your follower cards can take persistent wounds and even die.

But if you survive you can recruit new followers, find better loot, and level up your Leader to improve your caravan to better face the rising challenges ahead. And should your caravan falter and fail, you can still unlock new different classes and convoys for your next journey. Maybe this time you can survive look enough to reach the mysterious Crypt!

Key Features

  • Single-player card game
  • New procedurally generated maps each game
  • Find loot and recruit followers to build your deck
  • Unlock new content accross multiple playthroughs
  • Stunning and colorful art style
  • A post-apocalyptic world inspired by non-western sources
  • Indian infused electronica soundtrack




Development Info

The Team

Nowhere Prophet was designed & developed by Martin Nerurkar under the label Sharkbomb Studios. The game was only possible with the help of many talented freelancers. Most notable among these Art Director Anjin Anhut who has helped shape the visual design of the game from the start.

Extra special thanks also go out to the following people that helped shape the game: Georg Hobmeier who helped with the early world design and story writing. Mike Beaton, who is responsible for the soundtrack and Claude Fehlen who helped with the core-gameplay redesign.

  • Martin Nerurkar
    Design and Development
  • Claude Fehlen
    Design and Code, Intern
  • Georg Hobmeier
    Narrative Design, Freelancer
  • Brenden Gibbons
    Narrative Design, Freelancer
  • Anjin Anhut
    Art Director, Freelancer
  • Jack Allen
    Artist, Freelancer
  • Casey Parkhurst
    Artist, Freelancer
  • Steffen Reichelt
    Code, Freelancer
  • Mike Beaton
    Music, Freelancer
  • Syndrone
    Audio, Freelancer
  • Martin Buntz
    Audio, Freelancer
  • Satsuma Audio
    Audio, Freelancer

Development History

Martin started work on the project in mid 2014 with some early prototyping, initially searching for an interesting conflict resolution mechanic. The game is inspired by his cultural heritage and his love for games like FTL or Magic: The Gathering. In early 2015 Nowhere Prophet recieved public funding for the production from the MFG Baden-Württemberg. Since then the development has started in full.

After a hiatus at the end of 2016 the core gameplay was completely overhauled in mid-2017. In October of the same year the game then entered First Access on It's been improved drastically since then and is now slated for a release in Early 2019.

Streaming Agreement

In short: Yes, you can stream Nowhere Prophet!

You're allowed to stream and create videos of Nowhere Prophet gameplay for your own channel. You may do so with or without commentary. You are allowed to monetize these streams and videos with ads. And you're allowed the use of Nowhere Prophet artwork and logos in conjuction with these streams and videos.

Your content does not need to be positive or flattering - I mean I'd love it it was - but you are allowed to be negative or critical as long as you keep it civil. No personal attacks please. And if you do create content of Nowhere Prophet, please let me know via mail or twitter!

But: You are NOT allowed to use Goblin Errands, its artwork and video-material of its gameplay outside the context of the game or for any hateful, illegal or pornographic purposes. You may also not use any of its materials for NFTs or other blockchain related bullshit (yes, that's ALL of it).


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