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Sharkbomb Studios is the label for the independent game development work of Martin Nerurkar. I craft personal, human games about community, vulnerability, and growth.


The best way is to reach out through my personal Twitter, the Sharkbomb Discord or directly via the Sharkbomb contact e-mail.

Full Description

Sharkbomb Studios is the label and vehicle for the commercial games developed by Martin Nerurkar. Some games are solo endevaors, others are collaborations or team efforts.

Sharkbomb Studios was founded in 2012 and is based out of Germany. It has released numerous titles across all manner of platforms or media: Mobile games, PC and console games and tabletop solo-games or role-playing games.

As a game designer at heart, Martin wants his games to express his values and perspective onto the world. He wants to make games that are authentically his and fundamentally human. Games that take a closer look at the themes of community, vulnerability, and growth - arguably the only good reasons to have a civilization in the first place.

You can find an overview over my currently available games in the Sharkbomb Studios game catalog.


  • ...starting work on a new video game
  • ...preparing a Kickstarter for The Mending Circle to print next
  • ...also looking for interesting projects to do book layout or digital UX work for
  • ...idly musing about a third installement in the Ex series with Konstantinos
  • ...documenting my personal and creative journey via the Way Lost newsletter


Game Press Kits


A turn-based tactical deck-building game of anti-capitalist rebellion.

The Mending Circle

A cozy TTRPG about hope and healing.

Goblin Errands

A no-prep TTRPG about goblins making a mess.

Nowhere Prophet

A digital roguelike card-game and a post-apocalyptic pilgrimage.

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Studio Info

Early founding (2012-2015)

Sharkbomb Studios was initially founded in November 2012 by Joachim Eckert and Martin Nerurkar. Both had been in the video games industry for a few years and met during their shared time at Gameforge. Together they worked on a few mobile games with limited success and the pair split up amicably in 2015.

Taking off alone (2015-2019)

After Joachim's departure in 2015, Martin continued working on games under the label Sharkbomb Studios. Since then he has successfully released Nowhere Prophet in 2019, developed mostly by himself but with the help of a number of talented freelancers. The entire development was an exhausting and protracted five-year affair.

Burnout / Reboot (2019+)

After its release Martin felt the burn of that extended development cycle (and maybe a little bit of that mid-life crisis). Since then he's been trying to rediscover his own creativity. Initially the plan was to travel and to collaborate with friends across the globe but the pandemic made that pretty dang difficult (Thanks, Corona).

So instead a remote-collaboration with Konstantinos Dimopoulos led to Ex Novo, who's surprising success put Martin squarely on the path to making tabletop role-playing games. Something he's done with fervor since April 2020, because he's actually been in love with these games ever since discovering MERP in the early 90s.


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